Decon Detail

Ideal for scenarios where the vehicle is ceramic coated or well looked after by my good self. Over time your coating will become clogged with tar and iron deposits, a simple chemical decontamination will remove these and restore beading to the coating.

£90 for all sized vehicles.


  • Ph neutral safe wash & rinse
  • Wheel face, barrel & arches cleaned
  • 2 Bucket safe wash
  • Tar & Iron deposits removed
  • Blown dry

  • 3 month paint sealant
  • 3 month glass sealant
  • 3 month alloy sealant
  • Tyres dressed


  • Vacuum thoroughly throughout interior
  • Interior plastics cleaned & dressed
  • Leather cleaned & treated
  • Door shuts cleaned & protected
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • Carpet shampoo where necessary
  • Luxury scent left behind
  • Carpets striped

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